Gauteng, Mpumalanga schools records impressive turnouts of matric pupils



Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has made it known that the turnout of matric pupils in school in the first week after a compulsory break in schooling has been so impressive.

He said that attendance moved to 76% by Wednesday.

“We are quite pleased with pupil attendance. The numbers are increasing. We started with 56% on Monday, which was worrying, but by Wednesday we had 76%”.

During the provincial Covid-19 command centre update, Lesufi expressed is concern about matric pupils who had not returned to school.

“We are worried about those who are still not reporting to school. We are putting measures in place so they can either register online or participate in the lockdown education materials provided,” he said.

However, not all schools were able to open.

“Of all the schools that have Grade 12 pupils, 85% received pupils back in classes, but 15% didn’t reopen because some had to close for decontamination or they suffered vandalism or break-ins,” he said.

18 schools could not reopen because of Covid-19 cases recorded in their schools.

Five schools had to remain close because of break-ins and vandalism while eight schools could not reopen because of disruptions from parent and other factors.

In terms of attendance by teachers, Lesufi said the numbers started at 65%, increased to 73% on Tuesday and 78% on Wednesday.

Lesufi appealed to the police to assist schools where learning disruptions were occurring.

Lesufi said he was confident all grades would be back to school by the end of the month.

The Mpumalanga education department was also pleased with the return of grade 12 pupils and teachers from August 3.


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