Pearl Thusi dragged on Twitter again



Pearl Thusi is on social media again as a fake tweet of her went viral.

She stated that a tweet is circulating as an attempt to allegedly tarnish her image.

The star took to Twitter and shared a fake tweet that is photo shopped to look as if it was tweeted by her.

The tweet claims that the beauty once wrote, “When you become successful, distance yourself from Black people. Jealousy is toxic.” 

The follower who made the tweet explained that this was one of the reasons they stopped following local personalities.

Reacting to this, Pearl came to clear the air as she claims she knows nothing about the tweet and the tweet is just professing her innocence and started questioning what the motive behind the circulation of the tweet.

In a subsequent tweet, Pearl stated that she has forwarded the fake tweet to her legal team for further investigation.


She said she is ready to reward anyone who knows the person who did this act.

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