How to manage your partner who is suffering from depression



A depressed person should always be pampered and loved to ease his or her emotional pain and most times their close ones have this responsibility to take care of their mental health.

When your partner is suffering from depression, then it becomes a huge responsibility for you to help them deal with this situation. It is expected of you to support, pamper and help them cope through their trying times.

But at a certain point of time, you may also get overwhelmed with all this. So, how do you cope with this scenario when your partner is dealing with depression? Here’s what you can do below:

1. When you can understand that he or she is suffering from depression, then take a step for it. Talk to your partner for professional help and tell them that now it’s time to consult a therapist to deal with the situation. Don’t delay in this at all because that can ruin your relationship.

2. Never try to fight with your depressed partner to make them realise that it’s wrong. Because nobody wants to hear that their feelings are wrong. Rather, handle this situation peacefully without hurting their feelings. One-to-one conversation can be helpful.

3. Often, your partner may try to hide this problem from you. So, try to observe the symptoms that are shown unconsciously. Generally, a depressed person tends to suffer from alcoholism, drug abuse and he or she may show violence and attempt to suicide as well. It is advisable to not leave them alone.

4. Dealing with your depressed partner may also provoke frustration in you. Hence, you need to look after yourself as well to stay fit in this draining situation.

5. Don’t show any kind of judgement towards your partner listening to any of their feelings because then they will stop sharing their thoughts with you. Rather, encourage them to share all their feelings and thoughts with you without any fear of being judged.

6. Counselling sessions are not a medicine that will heal the pain quickly. So, this will take quite a long time and you have to be patient with it.

7. There are three triggers that play a major role in a depressed person’s life- any kinds of transitions, losses and conflict in relationships.

8. These two essential things need to be remembered always while trying to cope with your depressed partner- always show compassion to him or her and never neglect yourself.

9. Ask your partner if you need to be there in the counselling session with them. They may feel hesitant and uncomfortable to share his feelings with the therapist. Having you around might be good for them.

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