Maps Maponyane and Boity; are the two into each other?



Maps Maponyane and Boity Thulo are rumored to be in a romantic relationship but none of them has come out to say if its true or not.

However, a lot has been going on between these two most especially when they shared snaps of themselves together on social media, it sparks dating rumors.

Also recently, Boity posted on social media stating who her type of man is and also indicating wealth must be part of the list.

Then, Maps Maponyane quickly said he’s up for the challenge.

Even after all these, none of them have come out to say what the real deal is.

Maponyane also featured in Boity’s reality TV show, Own Your Throne and the two seemed very cozy.

Maponyane took to Twitter and replied Boity who had posted a tweet about one of her running sessions.

Maponyane wrote “Boitumelo, I’m not much of a runner but trying to get into it more now, so seeing as we’re both doing it, how about we spend the month doing it for a good cause and hopefully challenge others to join in as well?

Boity also replied Maponyane by saying: “You’re amazing for this, Masego! I would more than happy to do it! When do we start?!”

With this, it became really suspicious as their fans feel the duo are a “thing”

Read some of the tweets below:


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