Armed robbers target more jewellery stores in brazen heist


Jewelleries have been the apple of armed robbers’ eyes and have resulted in various malls being targeted in brazen heists.

The last incident that occurred involved six men who allegedly robbed a jewellery store in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

A report on the incident detailed how the robbers got into the mall at different times, with two of the robbers approaching the jewellery store at about 12:11pm.

Some pulled out sledgehammers out of a trolley and used it to smash the display windows.

The robbers took the jewellery, fled the scene on foot and rained shots at security guards as they neared a getaway car.

Yusuf Abramjee, anti-crime activist believed jewellery stores are the latest visit targets for criminals.

We know that many of these jewellery stores carry very expensive stock, millions of rands,” Abramjee said.

Abramjee proclaimed that the criminals are professionals.

What we are now seeing is the re-emergence of these gangs specialising in jewellery heists in my view,” he said.

The mere fact they are executing these robberies in broad daylight shows how brazen they are.”

We do believe that it is the work of one person. It is organised crime, hence it is investigated by the organised crime detectives,” Peters said.

Moreover, three suspects have been arrested for one of the robberies.

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