10 ways to nurture love & overcome relationship challenges



It’s easy for people to fall in love, but staying in love is the tough part. Every relationship experience issues and pressures at one point or another, from arguments to sex issues or worries over money.

Relationships can be deliciously breathtaking and at times ridiculously frustrating. It depends on how we react or respond to relationship challenges.

Here’s 10 ways to nurture love and overcome relationship challenges, rather than resist and struggle:

1. Embrace change

Nature isn’t stagnant and we’re part of nature. Don’t expect things to be the way they were in the beginning because they won’t ever be. But they can be better and richer.

2. Learn how to love deeply

Your partner’s role is not to make you happy. You will annoy each other. Learn how to love even when they aren’t loveable.

3. Kick your ego to the curb

Instead of letting your mind and ego take the wheel, find ways to connect intimately. Feel into love and lead with your heart.

4. Accept imperfections

Life and relationships are messy. Instead of blaming your partner and focusing on what’s wrong, look for the beauty and the positives.

5. Develop empathy

We all have hurts and empathy is hard when our ego wants to be heard. Put your ego on the shelf for a few moments, listen and feel your partner’s experience.

6. Learn to fight fair

Own your anger without rage or shutting down. Even the happiest of couples argue. It’s not that you won’t argue – it’s how you argue and resolve things that matters.

7. Be a person of integrity

Yes, the old adage, “actions speak louder than words” is true so hold yourself accountable. Honor your word with your actions.

8. Choose positive over negative

Assume that your partner is doing the best they can in any moment based on what they’re experiencing. Let go of negative mind chatter.

9. Step into vulnerability

It requires courage making it a strength, not a weakness. Not being vulnerable is easy and an argument can be made that it’s a weakness.

10. Build resilience

Know that things won’t be all rainbows and orgasms. Learn what you need to nurture yourself and your spirit and do it often to build resilience.

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