Two buses torched on N2, road blocked



Two buses have been set alight this morning

According to City of Cape Town Traffic Services spokesperson, Richard Coleman, the buses were torched on the N2 outbound at the R300 this morning.

This act was done by angry protesters who blocked the section of the road with burning tyres.

It has led to road closures and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Symphony Way has been closed between Sarah Baartman and Govan Mbeki roads after tyres were set alight on the bridge over the N2.

“Due to protest action, we’ve got the N2 outgoing at the R300 blocked by tyres that are burning in that roadway,’’ said Coleman.

’’There were also two buses that were set alight. The outgoing lane and off-ramp to the R300 North are obstructed. The N2 outgoing is closed at Borchards Quarry Road.”

Golden Arrow Bus Services spokesperson Bronwen Dyke-Beyer expressed his disappointment ’’we are absolutely shocked and devastated… Each bus costs R2.4 million. Public transport must operate safely.”

’’People need to get to work… We can’t carry on like this! We have officials on the ground 24 hours a day, trying to ensure this doesn’t happen. We can’t replace the role that SAPS have to play.“

A Facebook user posted: ’’Does this not happen more or less at the same location almost every other day?

’’Why don’t they deploy the army and have them stationed there? This is so unfair to the people who commute to work on the road daily.“

Another social media user who was displeased with their actions posted ’what must Golden Arrow do with their demands? They further endanger lives of commuters who have got nothing to do with their protest too.’’

Watch video below:

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