Dating an Aquarian? 6 things that you can expect in your relationship



Aquarians, also known as the water bearers can bring a unique experience for those who think of dating them.

They are known to possess unique personality traits such as they are creative, intelligent, independent and also stubborn at times.

They tend to trust their instincts more than anything else and will do anything to stick to rational thinking. Dating such a person can be really a roller-coaster ride for you.

Here are 6 things that you can expect while dating an Aquarius:

1. They are emotional beings

Though Aquarians are known to be idealists and rational, they are quite emotional. It is not that you will find them wallowing in self-pity if something goes wrong in their life. They tend to develop a deeper bond with those who are really important in their lives. As a result, you will find Aquarians being on their toes to help everyone they meet. They are hurt when people don’t understand their emotions.

2. They have strong determination for everything

If you feel that your Aquarius partner will give up easily on things and will move on with life, then you may be wrong. For that reason, Aquarians are not among those who accept defeat easily. They have strong determination for everything. In case, they are unable to achieve something, they will make sure to work hard to achieve it. For them, failure is just a gust of wind that can be easily faced.

3. They are sapiosexuals

Aquarians are quite intelligent and therefore they are wooed by people’s intellect. They love to have effective communication. Good looks and charm can hardly impress them. Also, when it comes to dating or having a crush on someone, Aquarians will look for curious and intelligent people.

4. They are quiet independent

Born as free-spirit, Aquarians will either choose to live freely and on their own terms or would prefer dying. Trying their best to have their freedom, these people won’t stay quiet if you tend to put restrictions on them. You will hardly find them bowing before someone. Also, they have huge respect for other’s freedom and won’t try to intrude on their space. So if you are someone who is clingy or depends on others always in almost all situations, then you have just removed yourself from your list.

5. They love trying new things

If you are someone who loves experimenting with new things and gaining new experiences, then Aquarians can be a perfect match for you. They love experimenting with new things, methods and techniques which make them keen learners. You can always rely on their choices, be it a new restaurant, listening to music, finding a dress or experimenting with a new recipe. Due to their curiosity, they are always into something adventurous. Living a mundane life is not an Aquarian’s cup of tea.

6. They are good listeners

If you want to be in a relationship with someone who will listen to your problems and give you the best advice, then you should date an Aquarian. They are said to be a good listener. When you date an Aquarian, you can tell all your secrets without the fear of being judged by your partner. You will never run out of topics while talking with an Aquarian. They are good listeners as well.

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