L’vovo shares his experience after getting his first car



L’vovo has taken to his twitter handle to tell his fans what went down during his first day of getting a new car.

It’s very usual to get scared and happy at the same time once you get a car.

Some of them would feel relaxed as they do not need to start thinking of taking a taxi or probably catching flights, but it is very different from that of L’vovo as he stated he had a sleepless night all through.

L’vovo further said all he was doing that night was to check the car every minute to be sure if its still there.

He was scared it would get stolen.

L’vovo said: “What happened when you bought your first car? Mina I couldn’t sleep, I kept checking the car if it’s still there.”

Well, it is actually normal to feel that way most especially when the car is really expensive or the person uses his last savings to get it.

Most of his fans took to the comment section to also share their experinec when they got their first car.

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