Ntando Duma shows off baby Sbahle’s impressive reasoning skills



Ntando Duma took to her social media to share a video of herself and her three-year-old daughter, Sbahle.

According to the star, the pandemic has really deprived kids from going to school and one of Sbahle’s favourite thing to do is to read and learn new things.

Furthermore, she stated that the only thing helping them is the DStv ‘School of Laughter‘.

In the video, Sbahle clearly listed the days of the week with so much confident.

After that, Ntando brought out a box bringing each of the items out and Sbahle was able to recognize them easily without being told.

She stated them correctly and was even able to read the words, “School Of Laughter”,

Ntando is always praised with the way she raised her daughter and her fans are so much happy she is lucky to have such a beautiful girl.

Watch the adorable video here:

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