6 benefits that prove why Mustard seeds is good for health



Mustard is a versatile cruciferous vegetable that belongs to the Brassica family, similarly to broccoli and cabbage. Native to the temperate areas of Europe, it was amongst the earliest grown crops in the region.

Different parts of the mustard plant have been proven beneficial in a variety of health-related issues. This includes relief from muscular aches and pains to dermatitis among others.

Mustard seeds and leaves have also been shown to have anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties, apart from improving heart health.

The mustard plant brings an entire gamut of helpful constituents through its various edible parts. Mustard seeds are a rich source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Along with this, it is a good source of dietary folate and vitamin A as well.

Here are the 6 health benefits of mustard seeds below:

1. Relief from contact dermatitis

Mustard seeds offer therapeutic relief in contact dermatitis, which is a condition in which the skin develops an itchy rash when it comes in contact with an allergen. An animal study suggested that consumption of mustard seeds helps in healing the symptoms associated with contact dermatitis such as healing of tissues and reduction in ear swelling. However, more studies are required to ascertain its efficacy in humans.

2. Treats aches & pains

Poultice, or plaster, made from mustard seeds helps in reducing pains and spasms, as well. Mustard has rubefacient (redness producing) properties and hence when applied as a plaster, exercises analgesic effects and provides relief from muscular aches. Another important advice to note here is that mustard plaster has warmer effects and may cause sore blistering if applied directly on the naked skin. To avoid that, a linen sheet should be used between the skin and the plaster.

3. Poison repulsion

It is considered that mustard seeds possess protective emetic qualities, which resist the effects of poison on the body. A decoction made with its seeds helps in cleansing the body especially if the poisoning is caused by narcotics or excess intake of alcohol.

4. Protection against bacterial & fungal infections

Research studies show that mustard and mustard products contain antioxidants that may protect against infections caused by various kinds of bacteria and fungi.

5. Helps manage diabetes

Mustard leaves may be helpful for those with diabetes. A study demonstrated that mustard seed may be beneficial in reducing the damage caused by oxidative stress associated with this chronic disease. Another study examined the administration of mustard oil, in vivo, and found it can help in reducing the levels of blood sugar in the body more effectively than medication alone. It aids in stimulating glucose metabolism as well.

6. Relieves menopausal symptoms

Mustard greens may prove to be valuable for women during the menopausal phase. Magnesium, along with calcium, which is prevalent in mustard greens encourage bone health and prevents bone loss associated with menopause. It helps in recompensing the low magnesium content in bones and may, along with a healthy diet, help reduce the risk of osteoporosis in menopausal women.