5 zodiac signs that are most difficult to understand



What can stand in the way of a love story from becoming one of the most romantic ones is the personalities of the lovers or the partners.

Some personalities are easy-going and being in love with such a person can be a very rewarding experience and similarly, dealing with difficult people, especially when in love, can be very frustrating.

Initially, it might not be easy to predict how easy or difficult it would be to deal with a partner, but we can always depend on their zodiac signs to give us some hints about their personality.

Does your girlfriend often complain that you do not try to understand her? Do you also feel that your BFF always fails to understand you?

Astrology groups them on the basis of the zodiac sign. Given below is the list. Check out if you are one:

1. Cancer

Cancerians, the thinkers might remember an event from the past memories and become furious over it. While the first time you saw their face this morning was radiating nothing but happiness, it might not be the same if you see them just after about half an hour.

It is all because they are moody. And while you may keep asking them the reason, they might even fail to express it. Thus, they leave you confused.

2. Gemini

The silent observer Gemini, who ponder too much over unnecessary issues, end up confusing not only others but also themselves. While in the case of many people, the reason behind their unhappy and happy moods might be different things, it is not so in the case of Gemini.

The same issue can make them happy at one point in time and it might make them feel sad another time. Hence, they fail to understand themselves, though not always. Also, sometimes they jump quickly from one opinion to the other. They like to speak to everybody and anybody. This fact confuses people.

3. Scorpio

Well, the biggest reason why a Scorpio is difficult to understand is they do not behave as per their mood. Yes, they act as the situation demands them to, until the situation is a really bad one.

Generally, they hide their feelings. They might not laugh at a very good joke, or might take lightly what you feel will annoy them. So, they are unpredictable. The moment you think you started understanding them, they prove you wrong.

4. Aquarius

The mysterious Aquarius do not open their hearts before everybody. While Scorpios are moody about who they want to open up to, Aquarians are choosy in this case, looking for safer places to let the cat out of the bag.

Sometimes, they also do not feel a need to express their heart out. They believe people need to rise up to their level in order to understand them.

5. Pisces

They are not much expressive. Pisceans are friends with everybody and close friends to a few. Yet, they might not express their heart out through words, but might take up other modes of expression such as the arts.

They are moody, but that mood is generally not because of something or somebody outside, but their own self. However, people misunderstand such a situation concluding that an act of theirs made the Pisceans upset.

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