Watch: Sjava clears rape allegation with ex-lover, Lady Zamar



Sjava took to his Instagram to clear allegation that he raped his ex-lover, Lady Zamar.

Recall, the duo has been through a lot most especially with the fact that Lady Zamar allegedly claimed that Sjava (ex-lover) raped her.

In 2019, their 2 years relationship was revealed to the public after breaking up, afterwards, towards the end of the year, the singer narrated the abuse she went through while in a relationship with Sjava.

However, Sjava slammed all of Lady Zamar’s allegations against him stating he did not rape her.

Now, the star has decided to put up a video to talk about the issue.

Sjava revealed that the allegation has cost him a lot most importantly not being able to get gigs and he has not being able to take care of his family.

In the video, he denies raping her however apologises for the hurt he caused Zamar, but the rape accusations are according to him false.

He started: “The reason for doing this video is because I want to clear the air on the ongoing rumours and speculations with everything going on in my life. The reason I have been silent was because we are not allowed to speak about it as it is an ongoing case.”

He went further to say that Lady Zamar initially knew that he has a woman in his life but she had to go with the flow until she became jealous and wanted him all by herself.

He said what triggered it all was that he never had time for her and it lead to her being frustrated and all.

“When we started dating in 2017 I told her I have a girlfriend and she understood that so we continued our relationship. However as time went on she changed and gave me an ultimatum to chose between her and my girlfriend. In our relationship a lot happened that left her unhappy as I was well invested in my music and neglecting her in the process,” he opened up.

Sjava also made mention of the fact that he is not married and does not have a child as he got rumours that he is not paying child support .

“I hear the rumours of me being a married man, I am not married and I saw the headlines of me not paying child support, I do not have a child.”

In conclusion, Sjava stated that he is against rape and he has never raped anybody.

He said he has tried to settle the matter by contacting the police as well as Zamar’s team but it continuously gets dragged.

Watch the full statement below:

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