6 simple and creative ways to cheer someone up



Unfortunately, sadness is just a very natural part of life. Although many people might feel like being sad is uncomfortable, it’s perfectly natural.

Sadness is an emotional reaction to an unfortunate event that might take place in your life. There’s nothing weird or strange about getting sad over something.

It’s another thing entirely when sadness strikes someone you care deeply about. At the end of the day, even when you know the person well, you wouldn’t be able to tell what kind of challenges or troubles they are facing on their end.

This is why you might feel completely helpless whenever you see someone you care about dealing with bouts of sadness. You want to help them through it but you don’t know how.

There is always a proper way of helping the people you love to deal with their grief. Here are 6 ways to cheer someone up and make them feel better:

1. Ask them if they need your help

The very first thing that you need to do is ask them if they need your help, to begin with. Keep in mind that there are some people out there who would prefer to deal with their grief on their own. They would not want other people to involve themselves in their narratives. Some people wouldn’t be so welcome to your interference. Be sensitive towards these people. Understand that they want to deal with grief in their ways. Let them do so.

2. Listen to them without talking

In this world, too many people just talk without listening. That is why there is a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication in life. In this case, since you are not the one who is suffering, you shouldn’t take it upon yourself to do most of the talking. Instead, just be an active listener. Allow your friend or loved one to say what’s in their heart. Don’t try to offer any words of advice or encouragement just yet. Let them talk without interrupting.

3. Share a hug

A hug is one of the most powerful forms of physical intimacy out there. Keep in mind that intimacy doesn’t always have to be so romantic or sensual. You can be intimate with someone you are not romantically entwined with. There are some people who feel love the most through physical gestures like hugs. If you know someone like this, then don’t be afraid to offer a hug as a form of consolation for them during a trying time.

4. Take a walk outside

Sometimes, strenuous physical activities like jogging or lifting weights aren’t for everyone. When that’s the case, try going for a walk outside instead. Even just experiencing the great outdoors and getting a healthy heaping of fresh air can do wonders for a person’s mood. You can opt to talk to one another while on the walk, but it’s also okay to just walk in silence with your thoughts. Whatever the case, a nice long walk can do wonders.

5. See a funny movie together

Art can be a big help in dealing with certain feelings or emotions. These days, modern forms of art can be found in movies, paintings, music, dances, and whatnot. So, try to immerse yourself in these forms of art. It can be as simple as watching a funny movie together to laugh things out. Do whatever will fill your loved one’s heart with a lot of joy and energy.

6. Cook a meal for them or take them out

Food is always going to be one of the greatest equalizers. You have a variety of options here. One, you can try to cook a meal for them just to let them know that you care. You can also opt to take them out if you’re not particularly skilled at cooking.

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