Lady Zamar – Sjava is a rapist


Lady Zamar opens up, but this time around to everyone who was willing to watch her Live on Instagram, on Thursday night.

During the early hours of Thursday, 28th of August, Sjava dropped a video on social media, addressing the rape allegation from his ex-lover Zamar.

He stood on the fact that he never raped her, but they dated, and hr never showed her true love, because he was in another relationship, which she knew about before they dated.

However, Lady Zamar voiced out during her IG Live session with South Africans.

The Collide hitmaker calls the BET award winner a liar. She also detailed the ugly experience on being raped by Jabulani.

“Yes, he terrifies me, because he raped me. He is a rapist to me. I don’t know how he has treated other people…”

Zamar says she went into a relationship with him after being raped as she had no choice.

She also revealed that she couldn’t stop him during the process because he was bigger than her and she had her mouth stuffed.

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Meanwhile, Sjava says he’s loosed opportunities and gigs because of this allegations.

“In our entire relationship, I was not made aware or remember when she expressed that she was afraid of me or if I did something she did not like. I have never been abusive, I even say on stage that I am against child abuse, women abuse, even alcohol abuse… It hurts that you (Lady Zamar) would use that against me…

“I have never hurt women in my life or raped a woman in my life,” he disclosed.

He also said the case has been taken to court.

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