Mabuza: “Eskom will strengthen its leadership, accountability system”


After a lengthy illness, Mabuza faced his first Q&A in over a month

The Deputy PresidentDavid Mabuza has highlighted the government’s plan that would yield a successful turn around in the ailing state-owned enterprise.

However, on Thursday afternoon, Eskom was top of the agenda in the National Council of Provinces that saw Deputy President David Mabuza in response to questions thrown at him.

After a lengthy illness, Mabuza faced his first Q&A in over a month.

He said the growth of economy and recovery was reliant on electricity supply, which led to an advance in implementation of load-shedding to Stage 4.

Our country’s rapid economic growth and recovery is likely dependent on our ability to ensure the security of energy supply, in order to support industrialisation and equally ensure that there is no disruption to people’s livelihoods through electricity disruptions.”

Mabuza mentioned that the support from the government was tied with strings.

Our support to Eskom focuses on the following: ensuring that Eskom strengthens its leadership, governance and accountability system. Addressing the debt and liquidity challenges, including the payments of debts owed to Eskom by government entities. We have programmes to minimise energy disruptions and accelerating the completion of the new-built programme that will deliver additional energy capacity.”

He also pinpointed on the new look power utility.

As announced by the President, that Eskom is going to be divided into these three entities – or ‘subsidiaries’ if you want to call it [that] – your generation, transmission, and distribution. We think that all these entities will still be under Eskom but operate independently, with their own asset register. They can go on their own to raise money and deal with their operations.”

Mabuza concluded that privatisation of Eskom was not among their plans.

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