“The first people you turn to to solve your issues are celebrities?”- AKA



AKA has something to say about those who believe celebrities are like a ‘god’ to them .

He stated that people need to stop putting their trust on celebrities to solve their problems.

However, he is not the only person to have come out to say things like that as others felt they are always getting impressions like that.

AKA revealed that most time, the first person to always get blamed if something goes wrong in the country is always celebrities.

He went further to say that if that’s the case, then maybe celebrities should become minsters, presidents or any political power.

He said: “The first people to get blamed for not “doing anything” when some shit goes wrong in the country is always “celebrities” … so maybe celebrities should be your ministers, presidents, premiers and figures in positions of POLITICAL power since you love holding them accountable.”

AKA went further: “The first people you turn to to solve your issues are celebrities?? WHAT?!?!?! Y’all gotta stop with this celebrity worship culture. YOU. WILL. BE. DISAPPOINTED”

Responding to this, a tweep asked if most of the celebrities are not being used for campaingns.

AKA replied asking if he does not vote also.

Another stated that most celebrities don not support what the ordinary people has to offer.

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