India now the second-worst hit by COVID-19



The pandemic is not yet over for India

Brazil was formally ranked the second highest in the coronavirus cases chart but with 4.14 million cases now, it has been moved to the third position.

India’s confirmed coronavirus cases took over from Brazil by being the second with over 4.2 million on Monday.

It became the second country with the highest number of Covid-19 cases with United States leading the chart.

United States, has over 6.38 million Coronavirus cases.

India currently has 4,204,613 infections.

It is more than that of Brazil with cases close to 70,000 ahead of that of Brazil

This could change after Brazil updates its number of cases later on Monday.

India moved to the number 2 position after it recorded 90,802 cases on Monday which seems to be increasing daily.

However, the number of Covid-19 related deaths is on the low side in India. It posted more than 1,000 deaths for each of the last five days.

According to India’s health ministry on Monday, 1,016 people died of Covid-19 on Sunday while 71,642 Covid-19 related death have been recorded so far.


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