Lasizwe gets a new R150k set of veneers


The reality star got himself a new set of veneers that was fixed by celebrity dentist – Dr Alexander Faizi Yousssefián-Rawháni

Lasizwe Dambuza, a reality TV star and social media personality has put fans in awe after he revealed his new set of veneers and paid a huge amount of R150,000.

This brought about mixed comments among Lasizwe’s fans about the amount he got the veneers and the pain of seeing such amount leave your account.

One of his followers tried to spoil the fun by commenting that he was telling lies to his followers. This made Lasizwe respond quickly with a video evidence that showed him during his procedure.

Dr Yousssefián-Rawháni is well known to be South Africa’s dentist to the celebrities, but he is also a rapper, jeweller, philanthropist, and part-time lecturer.