7 health benefits of drinking Aloe vera juice



Aloe vera is a succulent plant species that grows in tropical climates across the world. It has been widely used for it’s health benefits for centuries. In the recent times, the juice of aloe vera is also gaining popularity.

Aloe vera juice contains over 75 potentially active constituents, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugar, amino acids, salicylic acids, lignin, and saponins.

While topical application of the juice is known to promote skin health and heal sunburns, below are 7 health benefits of drinking aloe vera juice:

1. May hydrate the body

Aloe vera juice contains nearly 75 active components that can replenish the body. It is believed to hydrate the body and relieve exhaustion, though research is limited in this regard.

As per a Brazilian study, aloe vera can also improve skin hydration.

2. May improve brain health

Individuals given diets including aloe vera performed better on tasks of memory recall and recognition in a study. These participants also reported reduced incidences of tension or low mood. These effects could be attributed to the saccharides in aloe vera juice.

3. May provide the essential amino acids

Aloe vera juice offers 16 of the 22 amino acids, including 7 of the 8 essential amino acids. These amino acids promote overall health and may also aid muscle growth.

4. May improve oral health

An Indian study states that aloe vera juice could have unlimited use in the field of dentistry. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties can help treat gingivitis, plaque, and periodontitis. It’s antiviral properties can help heal oral infections as well.
Aloe vera juice may also act as an efficient mouthwash without any side effects.

The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera juice can also play a role in treating plaque-induced gingivitis.

5. May support the immune system

A mice study states that ingestion of aloe vera juice could stimulate cellular and humoral (related to bodily fluids) immunity.

Aloe vera juice may act as an immune system enhancer. However, we need more research in this regard.

6. May detoxify the body

An Italian study focused on the efficacy of aloe vera in detoxification. The leaf extracts were found to flush out wastes from the body. The juice of the plant may also be effective in this process.

Aloe vera juice also exhibits hepatoprotective activity. This may further improve detoxification, as the liver is one important organ involved in the process.

7. May aid weight loss

Inflammation is linked to weight gain and metabolic issues. Aloe vera juice may play a beneficial role due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe vera juice had beneficial effects on obese individuals with prediabetes and diabetes. It reduced body weight, body fat mass, and insulin resistance in these individuals.

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