Prince Kaybee travels 4 hours to see King Monada



Prince Kaybee is set on a new mission as he travels for over 4 hours to meet King Monada.

Taking to Twitter, the music producer announced his journey and showed the hours he spent on the road getting to Limpopo, where Monada is based.

“Let me go to Limpopo and see King Monada. Wanna try something with him. I will post soon what happened. Hosh.”

Kaybee will be on the road for 4 hours 38 mins before getting to the singer’s place.

However, he used the hashtag “Project Hope” in the tweet, which suggests that he is going to meet Monada over the album.

The album was completed within 5 days with the 10 female vocalists, alongside Msaki.

Kaybee hopes the project will be annual and will be opened for both genders.

The music producer is done with the project, but still figuring a release date for it.

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