Court postpones sentencing of caregiver guilty of assaulting toddlers



A caregiver that was caught on camera assaulting toddlers have had her sentencing postponed till next week.

Nellie Senwametsi appeared in the Oberholzer Magistrates Court on Thursday.

This was after she was seen in a video assaulting toddlers at The Ninnies Neurons Nursery last year.

She was slapping the children repeatedly and forcing another to clean up her own vomit in the video.

The Oberholzer Magistrates Court found the 40-year-old woman guilty on two counts of common assault and one count of assault with intention to do grievous bodily harm.

The children’s parents were disappointed after the defence lawyer was revealed to be in isolation.

The case will be back in court on 16 September.

However, the Ngaa Murombedzi organisation said Senwametsi must face the law.

“The 10 years is not something we are asking out of the blue, it is the minimum prescribed sentence as per the Criminal Procedures Act.”

“We are not just asking this because we are outraged as an organisation and as a community, but because there is nothing we feel can be a substantive mitigation to move away from that”.

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