4 types of friendships you should treasure



Friends are the people in your life who know everything about you, are always making you laugh and are there for whenever you need them. The great thing about having friends is that you get to decide who you have and how often you get to be with them.

Friendships are not always smooth and can be pretty complicated at times but they are ever evolving and there are no rules that govern how friendships grow and develop.

Whether you have only a few close friends or you are part of a popular social group, every type of friendship comes with its perks and ought to be cherished.

From different friends we get different things and it is not about the size of ones group of friends because no matter the size, one is still likely not to feel fully supported in life.

More like a healthy diet, you need more than one type of food to be healthy. Here are the four types of friends you should treasure:

1. The best friend

The best friend is the one friend you trust and you know, no matter what, they will be there for you when you need them. You have several experiences together and you share each other’s secrets and they feel like close family.

They are the friends who know every little detail about you and they can even finish your sentences. This friendship, however, is sometimes pretty rough as you go through the real bad stuff but there are also the good things that bring you to the surface. Altogether, these experiences make your relationship solid and stronger.

2. The loyal co-worker

Among all your friends, without noticing, this is actually the one friend you spend the most time with. Interestingly, you might not have necessarily chosen to be friends if it weren’t for working together.

You are happy that you have them in your life and that you got the chance to meet them, you share a lot of mutual respect and you know you can trust each other.

You laugh a lot through the day and you have a good relationship at work and sometimes you even meet and spend time outside work because you enjoy each other’s company.

3. The wise one

There’s that friend you normally go to when in need of some advice or direction. Mostly they have rich interesting lives filled with adventure and they are constantly sharing their experiences with those around them.

They know how to listen and somehow know just the right words to say at the right time. They might be slightly older and they are always offering new insights on the unique things they learn.

4. The fun one

This is the friend you go to when you want to let loose and have some good time. They are always full of energy and they make you laugh. Sometimes you don’t share deep secrets with them but you can trust them to find the best fun places and things to enjoy.

They are willing to take risks and they give you that extra little push whenever you need to get out of your comfort zone.

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