Watch: Riky Rick opens up on facing depression following the death of his father



Rapper Riky Rick has decided to open up on how his father’s death affected him.

Losing someone most especially the person you love the most can hurt so much leaving unbearable pain to the person.

However, it looks like this is what the rapper is facing and he won’t want anyone to be in the situation he is now.

Riky Rick said that no-one should have to live without a parent.

Due to his father’s death, he had to take a break from live performances just to deal with depression.

According to him, he suffered from “chronic depression” and was on a “destructive path” after losing his dad.

“I lost my father at a time when I needed the help. I lost him at a time when I needed that voice. A lot of people don’t understand that you can never replace the voice of a father. It wasn’t like he just died, it was like 18 years, living with your dad for a year, and then going back to your mom. I love being with my mom but living with him for a year … A child is never meant to live without his parents.”

When he passed away, I was so angry, so upset. I was so upset, like ‘why my life? Why does my life have to turn to s**t when all the kids that I went to school with had both parents coming to see them at football games, coming to watch them at basketball games, bringing them picnic sacks? I didn’t get that and I didn’t get to see you after’. I was so angry, so angry, super angry.”

He added: “My depression took form in being angry at the guys who were doing it.”

Taking to Instagram, Riky posted clips of him speaking on the podcast.

Riky added that “after losing a loved one we sometimes go to a dark place”.

He said he had “been there and made it back to tell some of the story for anyone who can relate”. 

Watch video below:






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