5 brilliant ways to make a man chase you without playing games



Every woman wants to be tracked; to be made exclusive and wanted. And no, there is nothing ridiculous about it. It’s innate. Deep inside, we all know how much we enjoy the adrenaline rush of being pursued. It’s the same way for a man too.

He wants to win his ladylove by hook or by crook. The fact that he would follow you to the end of the world is a testimony to his desire and love for you.

Women, you should always play hard to get only when you know that it’s worth it. Your feelings must be real. You must want to be in a relationship with him.

Otherwise, you would be doing something vain and evil at the same time because you will be leading on to boost your ego and that’s obnoxious.

So, how do you make a man fall hard and chase you? Below are 5 brilliant ways you can achieve that:

1. Try keeping your emotions in check

At some point in the chase, you might be tempted to give in easily (especially when he is being adorable and convincing). What can you do? With every passing day, you’re getting older. This is where you need to control your emotions.

In a few dates, he might have swept you off your feet and taken you to paradise. But wouldn’t it be wiser to know him intimately before committing to a relationship? The wait is always worth it! Your aim is to get a man to chase you and commit. Stick to it.

2. Make him chase you, not ‘use’ you

Women, for all of their wit, can be pretty delusional at times. They think that all men want sex. And if they give him what he wants, he’ll go mad for them. Wrong. If you’ve studied male psychology, then you should know – men go after women who can offer them more than just her body.

They are looking for warmth, comfort, security and companionship much like women are. However, sexual compatibility is important too so make sure you enjoy the act as much as him.

3. Stop chasing him if you want him to chase you

Somewhere between having a romantic dinner to having a late-night talk, you have started chasing him. You’re the one who is constantly texting and wanting to know about him. You nudge him for the meeting. You push him to think – you become attainable, and they drop the chase.

4. Be a woman of substance

If you have studied male psychology, you should know: Men love physical beauty, but they value a strong, competent, and independent woman more. If you want the best of men to fall for you, then you have to become the best version of yourself.

Work hard, party harder, love your life, be kind; and watch him crave to be a part of your life. There are things that women do that annoy men. You should avoid doing that to make yourself irresistible.

5. Make him feel you care too

He is doing all the talking while you’re too busy with your cell phone. You fail to listen to him. You don’t compliment him. You are insensitive to his feelings.

There is a huge possibility that you’re making it a ‘playing hard’ game without any regard for him. Men love the chase as long they see that their efforts are reciprocated. If you want him for good, then ‘show’ it.

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