DJ Fresh offers help to a struggling body builder



DJ Fresh attention has being drawn to a young man who was discovered by Tumi Sole.

According to the post, the man shows so much confidence as he joins the body builder even though he does not have the physique for body building.

Many were surprised after seeing the picture.

According to the tweet made by Tumi Sole, he told his fans they should be forceful in their intentions and open doors even if they may be closed shut, just like contestant number 177.

He said: “As you prepare for the new week, fosta nje ngo number 177! Kokota & ngena even when kunzima!”

Some ever went ahead to say he might be drunk while other claimed he is determined and looks like someone who never give up in whatever situation he might be.

DJ Fresh on the other hand tweeted that he can see potential in him and he is ready to change the life of the young man.

DJ Fresh asked his fans to help find him and he is ready to get him a trainer.

He said: “Please find him and let’s get him a trainer! I know a couple who could transform him


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