Is your partner tolerating you? 6 signs to know for sure



One of the worst feelings in a relationship is when you think your partner doesn’t love you anymore but is just ‘tolerating’ you.

No one like to be treated that way, and doesn’t deserve it either. There are several ways to tell if your significant other is giving it all in the relationship or putting up with all of it.

Your partner won’t necessarily write it on paper and tell you, some people are really good at making it look effortless.

If you want to know for sure if your partner is just tolerating you or really love you, some signs might be able to help you with it.

Paying attention to your partner’s behaviour can tell you a lot about how they feel. Below are 6 signs to know for sure that your partner is tolerating you:

Here are the signs that your partner is tolerating you rather than accepting you.

1. Is your partner not there for you when the going gets tough? If they are not there for you when you need them the most, they are not fully present with you or love or accept you.

2. They are not making any efforts to make you feel that you are important. When you are in a loving relationship, you go out of your way to make your significant other feel special.

3. Do they comment or negatively express how they feel about your behaviour? A loving partner who accepts you will not show contempt or criticise everything you do.

4., They don’t make plans or put any efforts; they are just following the ‘go with the flow attitude’ to move the relationship forward.

5- You feel that you are unappreciated even when you are giving everything you can to the relationship. When you feel that there is an imbalance in the relationship, and your partner isn’t doing the slightest to make things work or appreciate you, chances are they are just tolerating this relationship.

6- They don’t hear your opinions, and when your partner actually listens, they ignore or dismiss it altogether. It is okay to disagree sometimes, but it is important to have someone who listens and respects your opinion.

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