8 telltale signs a guy is into you even if he tries to hide it



Is he into me? God, I hope he is, but I just can’t tell. I need a sign! How many times have you sat and thought of this about the guy you like? Praying that we’re given a few signs a guy is into you or just any clue to tell how he feels.

Well, the signs are there, but are you paying attention to them? That’s what you should be asking yourself.

When we like someone a lot, it’s easy to project our feelings on them and get confused about their feelings towards us.

At this point, you have no idea what’s going on between you. First, step back for a second and calm down.

He’s just a guy! Don’t get yourself worked up over him to the point you can’t tell if your feelings are genuine or not. Here are 8 signs he like you even if he tries to hide it:

1. You can be yourself around him

The thing about having a crush is that you never feel comfortable around him; you’re always nervous. But with this guy, you feel yourself. You can laugh, be goofy, and just have a good time. This is a huge sign that he’s into you.

2. He’s making the plans

You’re not the only one who’s constantly calling him and asking to hang out. Instead, he’s the one who’s asking what you’re doing later today or if you want to hang out this weekend. And this is a huge sign. No guy is going to make plans with you because he doesn’t like you.

3. He asks questions

He’s not just hanging out with you to get into your pants. He’s asking you important questions, questions someone would ask when they’re trying to get to know another person. These questions show you he’s into you.

4. He texts you

Men, in general, aren’t interested in wasting their time on someone they don’t like. So, if they’re going to make the first move and text you, that’s because they want to talk to you. Whether he calls or texts you, just the fact he’s making contact with you is a huge sign.

5. You’ve met his friends

Meeting his friends is a big deal. No guy will purposely introduce you to their friends if you’re just a fling. This guy wants his friends to meet you. It’s no small gesture. Meeting the friends is the final move before things get a little more serious.

6. He’s asked you about your feelings towards relationships

He’s had “the talk” with you and wanted to know how you feel about being in an exclusive relationship and if you’re ready for it. Well, if you’re still wondering if he likes you, you need to get your ears checked.

7. He doesn’t send you booty-call texts 

If a guy only texts you at night to see “what you’re doing,” then he’s looking for a booty call. But is this guy texting you during the day? If so, then there’s more to this interaction than just sex.

8. It’s the little things

When it comes to figuring out whether a guy likes you or not, it’s really the little things he does. Did he remember your favorite flavor of ice cream? Or did he surprise you with your favorite popsicle? They don’t need to be expensive gestures; they need to be genuine.

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