Patient’s father who took Dr Munshi to court denies being involved in his murder



The father of the 10-year-old boy who died under Dr Abdulhay Munshi’s watch has denied being involved in his brutal murder.

Mohammadh Sayed’s son died after Dr Peter Beale performed a surgery on him,

He took the case to the court and the two Doctors were charged for culpable homicide.

The two doctors were out on bail before gunmen attacked Dr Munshi and shot him six times on Wednesday.

There were rumours speculating that Munshi’s death was deliberate and this prompted Sayed to clear himself in a statement on Friday afternoon.

Sayed said he had told his legal team to collaborate with the investigating and prosecuting authorities on a regular basis to ensure that justice is gotten legitimately.

Munshi died after he was shot on Wednesday,

Members of the medical fraternity are saddened by the turnout of events from the court case to his death.

SAMA called on the police to ensure they get the suspects involved and bring them to book.


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