Educators given permission to resume for duty from Monday


Educators are requested to report for duty from Monday.

The department of basic education has made an announcement that all educators who were permitted to work from home during the pandemic lockdown can now resume back for duty, starting from Monday.

Elijah Mhlanga, department’s spokesperson said over 22,500 teachers were given the approval of resumption.

If, however, some individuals are still not well, they are advised to follow the normal sick leave protocols. There are instances where substitute teachers have been appointed in the place of educators who been granted a concession to work from home.”

As teachers with comorbidities will return to school on Monday, the Provincial Education Department should honour the contractual obligations entered into between the substitute educators and the provincial department.”

Schools should also consider ways in which they could best utilise the substitute educators with whom they have contractual obligation. School Principals are requested to re-work the timetable to accommodate all teachers returning to work as from Monday, 21st September 2020,” Mhlanga said.

He mentioned that school management teams and school governing bodies must make sure they meet up with the requirements of social distancing.

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