10 gross things couples do together when they get comfortable



In the beginning stages of a relationship, you’ll pretend you don’t use the restroom or get your period to keep up your superhuman persona, but as time goes by, you’ll stop pretending out of comfort or laziness or a combination of both.

You’ll become so comfortable with your man that you’ll end up doing the unthinkable in front of him. Other people will think you two are disgusting, but you know that it just means you have a healthy relationship.

Here are 10 gross things all couples end up doing in front of each other (don’t lie — you know you’re guilty):

1. Throwing up

Maybe you’ve had too much to drink. Maybe you’re sick with the stomach flu. It doesn’t matter why you’re throwing up, because your man will hold your hair back for you. He won’t let the rancid smell stop him from taking care of you.

2. Shaving during your shower

Showering together doesn’t mean that you’re going to have sex. Sometimes, he’ll just be in there with you while you shave your bikini area. He knows you grow hair just like everybody else, so you don’t hesitate to remove it in front of him.

3. Kissing with morning breath

You don’t run to the bathroom to brush your teeth as soon as you wake up, because you’d rather lean over to give your man a kiss. You can’t wait to touch him, which means he’s going to have to deal with your morning breathe. Of course, it doesn’t matter to him, because he hasn’t had the chance to get up yet, either.

4. Picking your teeth

If you have something in your teeth, your partner will try to show you where it is so you can pick it out. If you fail one too many times, then he’ll reach over and do the job for you. Yes, it’s gross, but it’s part of being a couple.

5. Farting

You don’t hold your gas in like you used to when you two had just started dating. You’re comfortable with him now, so you let him see you at your grossest. Besides, men think farts are funny.

6. Taking about your period

You’re a girl. You get your period. It’s not a secret, so why should you act like it is? When that time of the month arrives, you don’t mind talking to your man about how painful your cramps are and how heavy your flow is. He’s used to it.

7. Popping pimples

Not only do some couples pop their pimples in front of each other, but they actually ask each other for help with the pimple popping. Sure, it’s disgusting, but you’ve already seen each other at your worst, so you don’t think much of it.

8. Eating messy foods

On your first date, you wouldn’t dare to order ribs, but now you’ll buy it and get the sauce all over yourself without feeling embarrassed. He’s not going to judge you for it. He might tease you, but that’s about it.

9. Peeing with the door open

Why should you waste your time closing the bathroom door? Your man is the only other person around, and he’s seen your naked body before. Besides, you don’t give a damn if he hears you pee.

10. Clipping your nails

He doesn’t want to see your toenail clippings fly across the room. Of course, that doesn’t stop you from clipping them in front of him, and vice-versa. You’re always together, so why would you run into the other room to hide it from him? He’s already massaged your feet, so he’s seen it all.

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