Doctor’s murder remains an unsolved puzzle



The brutal murder of Dr. Abdulhay Munshi has got so many medical personnel devastated and also worried for their lives too.

The medical fraternity mourned his death and the health minister Zweli mkhize also condemned the senseless killing.

Court Case

Before his death, Dr. Munshi was accused of culpable homicide. This was because his 10-year-old patient died after his co-accused operated on him.

The patient’s father, Mohammad Sayed took both Dr. Munshi and Dr. Peter Beale to court over his son’s death.

The duo were out on R10,000 bail before his death.

Munshi was shot dead on 16th of September.

No suspect has been arrested so far.

Claims were going round that his death could have been in relation to the court case but the patient’s father came out to say that he had not hand in his murder.

The murder was intentional- Eyewitnesses

Eyewitnesses claimed that the shooting was intentional.

An Orange Grove resident, who was watching TV as at the time of shooting said he heard multiple gunshots.

“It was quick succession… bang bang and then bang bang and bang bang.”

“I hunt and know gunshots going off. It was with purpose. It was aggressive.”

“You can hear when someone is shooting with purpose or panic and there was nothing panicky about that shooter.”

Some eyewitnesses took to social media accounts and stated that the perpetrators rear-ended Munshi’s vehicle and when he got out to inspect the damage, they shot him.

Mushi’s murder is ‘more of an assassination than a robbery gone wrong- SAMA

Sama spokesperson, Dr Angelique Coetzee on the matter said the murder seemed to be more of “an assassination than a robbery gone wrong”.

“We are all aware of the case that was against him and the paediatric surgeon and these charges were, according to our sources, about to be dropped, based on the postmortem evidence,” said Coetzee.

The fears

Coetzee stated that the storm that accompanied this matter could make doctors get worried when it comes to treating certain patients.

“The low point of this is that doctors will in future check if a patient is politically connected or may be a high profile person out there because of fear of themselves being targeted and that will lead to poorer intervention and care,” said Coetzee.

Sama said it was hoping that justice would be served.

Investigation into the death of the prominent anaesthetist is still ongoing, no one has been arrested so far.


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