Son of slain detective Charl Kinnear has no issues with the police


Minister of Police Bheki Cele visited the family of top cop Lieutenant-Colonel Charl Kinnear from the Anti-Gang Unit who was gunned down in front of his Bishop Lavis residence. Left is Charl Kinnear’s wife, (47) Nicolette Kinnear and son 19-year old Casleigh. September 19, 2020. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER/SUNDAY TIMES​

Carlisle Kinnear, who is the son of slain Western Cape top cop – Charl Kinnear have said he has no issues with the police.

The 24-year old son made it known that he saw his father (Lieutenant-Colonel Kinnear) first after he got severely shot outside his Bishop Lavis home last Friday.

Police Minister Bheki Cele went to pay a visit to the family on Saturday and promised to track down the person that assassinated Kinnear.

Carlisle Kinnear spoke about the events that occurred few seconds before his father was fatally shot.

He said that while he drove his car from the driveway, Detective Kinnear was waiting for him until the gunshots came at him.

I wouldn’t want this on any other member, not his team and not any other SAPS member. It’s not fair… and the last image… I was the first person to see him, the last image that I saw of him, is no picture that you want of your father.”

Carlisle explained how he admired his late father’s dedication to his work.

Hard work and determination, that describes him completely… hard work and determination. My mom made an example earlier where she said that no matter where we were if the phone call rang we knew that we come second to his job and we accepted it.”

He also explained that he was thankful to his dad’s police team for their protection on his father until the very end.

I’m not angry at them, I’m not angry at the police. Yes, it hurts… there are questions… Why were the guards removed? It’s too late now, my dad ran his race there’s nothing further to say. I salute him, I’m proud of him.”

A memorial service will be held this week for Lieutenant-Colonel Charl Kinnear.

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