8 common reasons women stay in abusive relationships



Unfortunately, abusive relationships continue to be a common trend in modern romance. There are just too many couples who are in relationships even though they aren’t right for one another.

And what makes these relationships even worse is when one party is constantly taking advantage of the weakness and vulnerability of another party.

Abusive and manipulative relationships have the power to cause immense emotional and physical trauma unto a person. And the even sadder part of this is that mostly, it’s the women who are the victims in these abusive relationships.

It should never be in our place to judge those women who choose to remain in abusive relationships. But rather, we should try our best to understand the situation that they’re in and help steer them to safety.

Just to help you gain a better understanding for why these women remain in abusive relationships, check out the reasons below:

1. They are crippled by the fear of leaving

They are afraid of what might happen to them if they choose to leave the relationship. They might be too afraid of being lonely once they’re single again. They might be afraid that they will never find love again. They might be afraid that their partner will do more damage once they try to get out.

2. Their male partners are charming and sweet when they want to be

They keep on being drawn back to his charm. You would be surprised at just how many abusive partners are very good at being charming and nice. That’s how they draw their victims in. They manage to build up a certain kind of trust and then they abuse them.

3. They may have children together

Kids always make things more complicated in a relationship. When a mother is caught in an abusive relationship, she also has to think about how her kids would feel if she left her husband. She can’t be selfish in her decision-making because there are too many things she has to consider.

4. They are often led to feel guilty

Remember that in an abusive relationship, the abuser tends to always be good at emotional manipulation. He will be able to make her feel guilty about leaving the relationship in some way. He will be able to guilt her into sticking to her unfortunate circumstances.

5. They may be financially dependent on their partners

Money is important. As much as we don’t want to admit it sometimes, money plays a big role in how we govern our lives. If she is financially dependent on him to survive, then she can sometimes be left without a choice if she wants to go on living the life that she wants.

6. They are unaware of their own misfortunes

Another mind trick that abusers in relationships have mastered is how they are able to blind their victims from all of their abusive advances. She could be completely oblivious of his abusive tendencies and she may be operating under the assumption that it’s all normal behavior.

7. They are ashamed of coming out as victims of abuse

Shame plays a big factor into why victims never want to come out of their unfortunate situations. They won’t want other people to know that they were unfortunate enough to have been placed in such compromising positions in the first place.

8. They have little self-esteem left to fight

Remember that abusive relationships can take a substantial emotional toll on a person. Often, a victim will be led to believe that she is a person of no worth. She will believe in her own helplessness and therefore she will just have to remain in the place that she’s in until someone else can help convince her otherwise.

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