“We’re not the same. We think differently”- Lady Zamar



Lady Zamar is at it again as she decide to state her fact on social media this Tuesday morning.

In her post, the star claimed that people can never be same and the fact that they think differently, their knowledge and understanding would definitely be different.

Lady Zamar made it clear to people that they should stop telling other kids what they should and shouldn’t do.

She said: “We’re not the same. We think differently. What’s dangerous to you might not be dangerous to me. We operate on different levels of knowledge and understanding. So stop telling other kids what they should and shouldn’t do. We don’t fear the same things.”

In another tweet, she said since people dont think and operate same way, then the means of making money and working would be different.

Lady Zamar said: “We don’t fear the same things, so we don’t operate or think the same. Therefore our levels of success will be different coz we work differently based on the level of our knowledge.”

However, Lady Zamar and her ex-lover, Sjava are in a serious situation as Lady Zamar accused him of raping her.

Sjava on the other hand stated all his false as he has never and would never do that to her or any other woman.

The issue is still in progress and many of their fans are waiting patiently to get the result.

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