What is mindful dating? 5 tips to do it successfully



Mindfulness is a deliberate act of paying attention to anything without any judgement. The concept, mindful dating is closely associated with self-help.

When you’re dating mindfully, then it means you’re doing it consciously and proactively. You’re having a sense of what you’re looking for.

You need to set boundaries and be ready to accept rejection in mindful dating. Mindful dating is also based on the reciprocation of good vibes. So, how would you make yourself ready for mindful dating?

Below are 5 tips you should work on:

1. Always be specific about your expectations in mindful dating

If you’re planning for a long-term relationship, then it’s better to avoid any dating app, that’s targeting more casual users. And be clear about your expectations initially for not having any confusion later.

2. Instead of finding your partner from anywhere, try using your technology as much as you can

There are different types of dating apps based on your preferences. So, choose one. But you have to be very careful about fake profiles. You can also check other social media profiles of your date to know him or her more deeply as this is also a part of mindful dating.

3. Send only good vibes while dating

Now, this sounds very easy and simple, but in actuality, it’s not. When you’re unsuccessful in dating for a long time, then it automatically raises a tension in you which sends a negative vibe when you go on dates. So, don’t let this happen. Just be happy, warm and open. Accept rejection normally.

4. Be a good listener

This is a crucial part of mindful dating. Listen to your date carefully whatever he or she says. Your date will also feel appreciated in this way.

5. Set boundaries

Set boundaries about how you want to be treated and never accept anything less than that. This way you’re actually prioritising your self-esteem.