Khanyi Mbau defends Somizi on claims that gigs are given to famous people



Khanyi Mbau has taken to her social media to defend Somizi following the claim that celebrities are giving jobs to their fellow celebrities.

Many accused the South African media industry of recycling as they felt most of the roles and gigs are given to the famous people or people with connections.

Khanyi reacted to this as she said “Somizi saw a gap and he filled it.”

It all started when she posted a snippet of a Castle Lite advert featuring the star.

A Twitter user commented that in SA “the same people get all the deals”.

Khanyi hit back saying these people “fast”, “pray” and “hustle hard”.

See tweet below:

However, others brought up the role Mohale just got.

Mohale bagged a role in Rhythm City and many were amused after hearing the news.

One user claimed both incidents showed that celebs got deals because they have “connections”.

“Why is Mohale getting acting jobs while other kids went to acting schools? Some bias moves,” a user said.

She said studying the craft should not be compared to getting into the job market.







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