6 reasons to block your Ex on social media



You might have had the nastiest fight or said the most awful things to each other, but when it comes to taking the person out of your life completely, it becomes difficult.

You hate the feeling that you are still thinking about them, you want to block them out of your life, but you can’t bring yourself to press that button.

Perhaps you and your ex were a good match, but things didn’t work out. Or your ex was a royal pain that needs to be thrown out of your life.

Regardless of the reason of your breakup, the first step in the handbook of ‘how to get over your ex’ is blocking them on social media if you haven’t already.

However, if you are confused about whether you should block your ex or not, here are 6 reasons why you should:

1. Do it to get the closure you need 

After a breakup, the only person you should be looking after is yourself and this time is the best opportunity to heal. Cutting all ties with your ex will help you move on, physically and mentally by giving you the closure you need.

2. Do it for inner peace 

Was the breakup tough? If yes, then why would you torture yourself by remaining friends on social media? You will definitely have the urge to check out their feed, and once you do, the memories will come rushing in which can make you upset again. The only way out is blocking the person to find some inner peace.

3. Do it to avoid comparing your lives 

Has he moved on? Is he hanging out with other girls? Who is he going out with? Should I also go out on a date to show that I have moved on? If you will keep a track of things your ex is doing, you might end up comparing your life to his. The constant comparison will hurt you even more.

4. Do it to avoid accidentally sending them a message 

If you still follow them or friends with them, you might feel tempted to send him or her a message. One glass of wine and you might end up sending them countless DMs. You should control yourself now and come back to your senses before its too late to reverse the damage.

5. Do it if he or she cheated 

Don’t need to think twice before blocking your ex if they cheated on you. It is one of the worst things one can do to hurt their partner. They have done it once, is there a guarantee that they won’t do it again? Once a cheater is always a cheater, so block and move on.

6. Do it before your ex-partner does 

If he is the one who initiated the breakup, then the least you should do is defriend or block them. It might seem childish, but it will definitely feel bad when they do it first regardless of how old or young you are.

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