8 most encouraging early signs of a good relationship



We talk about red flags in relationships all the time, but what about the early signs of a good relationship? We always look towards the negative, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But we also need to look towards the positive qualities you should have in a relationship.

Yes, there are times when you know right away; this relationship isn’t going to work, and then there are times when it’s not so clear.

Have there been times at the beginning of the relationship where you think everything is amazing and that this person brings out the best in you?

Then, after a couple of months, the honeymoon phase slowly fades, and tiny red flags pop up. They were always there, but you weren’t paying attention to them, or if you saw them, you pushed them to the side.

Red flags are a definite mood killer. And then eventually, you decide the relationship isn’t good for you and end things.

Here are 8 early signs of a good relationship and what makes it healthy:

1. You compromise with each other

A relationship consists of two people. But many people forget this and assume their opinion is the only one that matters. A sign of a good relationship is if you’re able to compromise with your partner and meet each other halfway.

2. You feel yourself around them

On first dates, we’re all nervous wrecks, but after you see the person a couple of times, you relax a bit. This is a crucial sign that you feel you can be yourself around them. If date after date, you notice you’re always tense and nervous; maybe this isn’t the person for you.

3. You have a good feeling about it

Your gut knows. It really does. If you feel comfortable and happy around this person, this is a positive sign of a good relationship. But if you have even the smallest of feeling that something isn’t right, listen to yourself.

4. You make time for each other

Today, everyone has busy lives and attempt to cram everything in. I get it. What makes a healthy relationship is that you both make an effort to spend time together. Even when you have a busy day, you squeeze in a couple of minutes for a text or phone call to let the other person know you’re thinking of them.

5. You have similar interests 

Now, people can still be in healthy relationships and enjoy different things. What makes those relationships work is that both people respect each other’s hobbies. But even opposite people have things they agree on. It definitely helps if you share some similar passions.

6. It’s not just about sex 

Sex is a lot of fun, but you don’t want this person only for sex. You want to hang out with them after; you want to cuddle away the day in bed. This isn’t something you feel you need to run from after the deed is done. If your partner is quickly getting dressed and leaving after sex, there’s something missing.

7. You think they’re funny

There’s so much in this world to cry and be angry about, and your partner should be the one person you can laugh with. Sharing the same sense of humor is really important and often gets ignored. If you laugh at the same things, it shows you’re on the same wavelength.

8. You can communicate with your partner

Communication is key when it comes to a healthy relationship. You may meet someone you really like, but you both struggle with communication… this happens a lot. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it means you should actively work on your communication skills.

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