Prince Kaybee to Zola – “Are you with me because I’m famous?”


Prince Kaybee questions his girlfriend, Zola Zeelovin on Twitter.

“Are you with me because I’m famous?” was the question and the whole event was triggered by a social media user.

It all started after the DJ joined the new trend, “How it started VS Where we are”.

Kaybee shared a screenshot of how he chatted with her, telling her about his feelings which led to a romantic relationship.

However, social media users said the process at which he wooed Zola was very simple, and it seem like she wasn’t hard to get.

A Twitter user then goes on to say that the DJ’s famous status influenced the wooing process, making it easy for him to get her.

“To be honest that was simpy and wack…if you weren’t famous it’d had turned our unpleasantly,” tweep said.

Kaybee laughed off the claim and goes on to question his girlfriend, “Lol baby @ZolaZeelovin, are you with me because I’m famous?”

Zola didn’t respond to the question, but sent a gratitude note to those who celebrated her on her birthday.

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