4 steps to turn a toxic relationship into a healthy one



A toxic relationship isn’t as uncommon as you think. Love can make people feel connected and disconnected as well.

Ultimately, it all depends on the person you are with and how they treat you. For some, relationships can get really toxic to a level where they can’t find a solution other than separating.

But for the ones who wish to turn things around and make it a healthy relationship instead, we’ve got a little something that could help.

Here are 4 steps to turn a toxic relationship into a healthy one:

1. Talk it out

No matter how difficult it may be, talking is always the best solution. Make your partner know the things that are bothering you. The changes that you’d like to see, either in their behaviour or your relationship. Conversations can get difficult, but your partner needs to hear you out, you deserve that. So the next time you think your relationship is getting too toxic, try openly talking about it.

2. Revisit the past

Sometimes, couples repeat unhealed patterns from their past relationships. That could be a source of toxicity you might be experiencing in your new relationship too. Take some time to yourself and revisit your past. Think of what were the traumatic behaviours you dealt with and your current reactions in your new relationship. Once you figure it out, make little changes each day to better yourself for the sake of a healthy relationship.

3. Write it down

If you aren’t someone who can talk or think too well, try writing your problems down – everything from your point of view and your partner’s too. Once you’ve written all of it down, read it and try to find solutions to your problems. Maybe make your partner read it too. They also need to understand which area in the relationship needs repairing.

4. Understand your role

You might decide your partner is to blame entirely for a toxic relationship. But the problem is rarely one sided. Understand what your role is in your relationship – it should not be about blaming things at each other. As a couple in a toxic relationship, you both need to take responsibility for the problems. You both need to admit playing some role in this relationship and to make it better.

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