How to deal with low frustration tolerance



Frustration is a very common emotion that people may have to deal with sometimes in their life. Some people have a high frustration tolerance and they can deal with tough situations in life tactfully.

But people with a low frustration tolerance may find it hard to cope with any problems in their life that are causing frustration. 

As a result, they may end up having some mental health issues. But these people can improve their frustration tolerance to deal with life problems more tactfully. 

Causes of low frustration tolerance

These are the reasons why some people struggle with low frustration tolerance:

Mental illness: Certain mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety can decrease a person’s frustration tolerance level.

Personality: It depends on our personality also to some extent. Some people can naturally tolerate frustrating situations and some find it hard as per their personality.

Belief: Our frustration tolerance can be monitored with our belief as well. If we think that life would be easy or people should always meet our expectations then our tolerance level will be less always.

Signs of low frustration tolerance

Some common signs of low frustration tolerance in people are:

1. Impulsive attempts to fix a situation rather than being patient for it. 

2. Excessive temporary discomfort. 

3. Giving up quickly when faced a challenge. 

4. Being angry about everyday stressors.

5. Constantly thinking that he cannot stand or do this. 

6. Avoiding any challenging situations. 

Ways to build frustration tolerance

These are the ways you can follow to make your frustration tolerance stronger:

Accept tough situations: When you can take and deal with a tough situation positively then it makes you strong to tolerate the frustration. Instead of thinking about why bad things always happen to you, start thinking that life is full of challenges so we have to be in tough situations. For example, if you get pissed off with everyday traffic, then think for once that there are millions of cars so traffic jams are normal.

I can do it: Often telling you cannot do it can eventually decrease your frustration tolerance level. So, instead, say that you can do it. Give a pep talk to yourself. This can be deep breathing, counting to 10 peacefully or listening to music.

Learn to calm your body: Frustration can also cause many health issues in us like breathing problems, increased heart rate, high blood pressure. So, to deal with these moments, it’s necessary to learn to calm your mind and body. Deep breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation etc. can help you cope with the situation better.