Man killed while trying to rescue woman from rapist



21-year-old Soweto man paid a heavy price while trying to rescue a young woman from the grasps of alleged rapists.

Themba Nkumbi was shot dead by the alleged rapist after they discovered that he tried saving their prey.

The young woman was outside her home with a friend when four men came around and began to harass them.

When Nkumbi saw this, he managed to open the gate for her to crawl into the yard.

When the perpetrators saw him, they shot him.

Nkumbi died at the scene.

The woman he saved says she’s ever grateful to him for saving her life.

“I am not the same girl anymore. I feel indebted to him.”

“If he didn’t open the gate for me, I would have been the one who is dead now,” she said.

“We would be talking a different story, I would be the one trending that they have found a girl raped and dead in the bushes.”

“If I didn’t scream I don’t know what would’ve happened.”

Nkumbi is been seen as a hero but his family members are currently sad and devastated.

They are still mourning the loss of their super hero son.

His family members are hopeful that their loved one’s death is not in vain.

They also encouraged other men to take a stand against gender-based violence.

However, three suspects have been apprehended, the last suspect is still on the run.

The trio will appear in the Protea Magistrates court.



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