7 relationship mistakes new couples make all the time!



Everything’s always a lot more exciting in a new relationship! After all, you’re starting off a connection with someone who could potentially be the one you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.

Every new experience feels like an experience with a newfound zest because of the person you’re with.

And every little thing they do cause you to giggle with glee and delight. And everything is just oh-so-perfect! Yes, new relationships will inadvertently be filled with the haze of the honeymoon phase.

But despite your enthusiasm for your new love, there are still things you should avoid doing lest it makes your relationship turn sour too quickly.

From marriage talk to insisting on more time together, here’s a comprehensive list of the mistakes lots of new couples make:

1. Moving too fast

Relationship milestones are something to be experienced, not something you should zip through. Savor your first night out, your first make out session, your first argument or your first out of town trip.

Take your relationship a step at a time and give yourself enough time in between to appreciate what just happened.

2. Fantasizing about the future

It’s okay if you’d like to talk about future date ideas and things you can do in the following months. But imposing your fantasies about marriage, kids or moving in can make your new partner think that you want to move too fast. Isn’t it way too soon for that talk?

3. Broadcasting every detail of your relationship

It can’t be helped when you gush to all your mates or girlfriends about your new beau. What they won’t be happy about is little unnecessary details about your relationship.

Your partner too won’t be very pleased when you tell everyone about these things either. Try to resist the temptation to tell people about the little details that should remain between couples like weird bathroom habits, stinky feet or wild fetishes.

4. Getting disheartened at the first roadblock

Each relationship reaches its first challenge at different times. But when it’s your turn, don’t let it make you feel like your relationship has become damaged beyond repair.

You must understand that for a relationship to work out, both of you must be willing to put in some work. You can’t just drop everything when you’re starting to feel like things aren’t as perfect as they once were. Remember, challenges make you stronger!

5. Sacrificing too much

Save the big sacrifices for when you’re sure that you’re with someone who’ll be there for you in the long run. Too many people tend to lose themselves in their relationships.

It starts off with giving up little things like certain hobbies and certain friends. Then it moves on to switching jobs, moving to another country or losing contact with close friends. And then, before they’ve realized it, they’ve become a shadow of their former selves!

6. Being too unavailable

Your relationship is new, yes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one of your priorities. If you start off by being too aloof, your partner may feel neglected to the point of wishing they had never invested their feelings in you.

The early stages of the relationship are fragile because this is where you’re building your foundation. Don’t disregard this starting phase because a relationship built on flimsy foundation will be so much easier to dissolve at the first pitfall.

7. Being too clingy

Unavailability is one thing, but clinginess is just as bad. Give your partner room to breathe! We know it’s exciting to be in a relationship with someone, but don’t breathe down his/her neck all the time.

You’re both individuals who should have your own lives. Let your partner do his/her own thing as you do yours. Just relax and resist the urge to leave a hundred voice messages when you start missing him/her.

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