Many people have a lack of responsibility for their life and live blaming others, justifying, seeking pretexts and even giving up their dreams.
They believe that the world is against them and that the “enemy” is outside them, not inside. A man has many ways to become his own enemy.
Today, we’ll share 9 ways to self-sabotage and become your opponent, the same that can kill you:

1. When you think that competition is outside and not inside

Thinking that the competition is out of you is a big mistake for anybody, as they focus on “winning” to others and not to themselves. The world is not against you. You are the one who puts obstacles to your growth when you don’t decide to take action and develop the skills or talents that will lead you to success.

2. When you allow your little voice to sabotage you

Every time you listen to your mental whisper that says “you cannot do it” you will become your worst enemy. That internal fight you will have every day. It is very difficult to quiet the negative voice that lives in you, however, it is not impossible, you have to give it the daily battle. If you allow the inner voice to win you, it is a sure step to becoming your worst enemy.

3. When you are selfish and you don’t help others

Focusing on yourself will not get you far. You will be your own enemy when you refuse to give, help and serve others. You should be a generous person who knows that by giving and sharing (time, effort, knowledge and even money) you sowing the seed to make a better world and leave your mark on it. Helping others will come back to you, sooner or later.

4. When you don’t challenge yourself to grow and stay in your comfort zone

Being in the comfort zone is very easy and flattering. That’s why it’s called comfort. A person should dare to get out of there and become uncomfortable, while those who become enemies of themselves, decide to walk the path already traveled that only brings comfort and pleasure. But remember: true magic happens outside our comfort zone! That’s why you need to shake off the comfort and start taking risks, leaving it easy to go for the difficult.

5. When you are not self-disciplined

Being consistent, persevering and having a strong will is synonymous with self-discipline. You will be your worst enemy when you leave things in the middle when you start a project and don’t finish it. When you lose your laziness and don’t conclude the thousand and one tasks that will require you to be in the world of entrepreneurship, for example. Self-discipline is the currency that pays for success in your life and also in your career.

6. When you depend on others

Knowing that someone is there to take care of you can be a positive thing. It can give you a sense of security when problems arise. But sometimes this idea of having someone to depend on becomes an unhealthy dependency, on certain people. They become too dependent, to the point that they forget how to solve problems on their own.

7. When you don’t know how to say NO

Knowing to say no and setting your own limits is not easy, but, even if it causes you anxiety or discomfort, you must learn to do it if you want to improve your personal relationships and to feel good about yourself. In fact, it is not so much a question of saying “NO”, but of keeping at bay the feeling of guilt that comes after denying you. Understand that saying “yes” to everything does not make you a better person. And going over yourself is tantamount to hurting you.

8. When you trust in others more than in yourself

Another problem for some people is the lack of confidence in their own instincts. If they decide to achieve something, they need confirmation from others that they can actually do it. They may rely on other advice rather than be relying on themselves for the stimulus.

9. When you project negativity

A person who projects too much negativity may begin to displease herself through her actions. There are cases in life that not everything falls into place. But, letting the negativity overtake us can cause more unhappiness.

The question today is, are you willing to stop being your own enemy?