Watch: Kanye West releases first campaign video for the upcoming US election



Kanye West has finally released his first campaign video in his run for American president.

Since the rapper revealed his interest to run for the upcoming November election, many of his fans have assured him of their support.

The rapper, who first mentioned his political ambitions in 2015, speaks throughout the footage about his vision for the future of the country.

In the video, Kanye speaks about fulfilling “America’s destiny” and how his goals include focusing on the sanctity of family and the freedom on religion.

The rapper speaks while looking slightly off-camera and is backdropped by a black and white American flag.

Kanye’s presidential run has been plagued by bad press, with people bringing up his support of current President Trump and the rapper’s struggles with bipolar disorder.

Some tweeps had things to say as many revealed America should not make same mistake they made after electing a celebrity to the White House the first time.

They were actually referring to Donald Trump as both he and Kanye has no training in law, public policy or politics.

Others said that the video just showed how out of touch Kanye is with what the office of the president means and are worried that voters will jokingly choose Kanye, which would take votes away from the truly legitimate candidates.

Watch video below:



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