Mihlali: “I’m so tired of driving myself around”




Mihlali has come out of her shell to tell she is tired of driving herself around.

This is coming after the star confessed she’s feeling “Covidy”.

The term used by the star has caused huge fear in the lives of lots of South Africans, as many lost their family and friends to Covid-19, which broke out in March.

Recall about a month ago, Mihlali seriously lamenting on not having a man can be really bad even after she said women get the lowest quality when it comes to men.

Well, it looks like she is yet to find herself a man and she is tired of driving herself.

Mihlali said: “I’m so tired of driving myself around”

Many of her fans and followers took to the comment section to offer to drive her no matter where she is heading.

See tweet below:

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