Molapo withdraws DA internal sexual harassment complaints against Solly Msimanga



Democratic Alliance (DA) national protection officer Natasha Mazzone on Thursday said she is yet to reach out to Nkele Molapo in connection to the sexual harassment allegations she laid against DA Gauteng leader Solly Msimanga.

Mazzone said she did not want to “prejudice the criminal complaint opened with police”.

She added that Molapo did not come to her office report the allegations.

She insisted that the Gauteng leader and former Tshwane mayor remains innocent till he is proven guilty.

Molapo accused Msiminga of harassing her after he offered her a lift home following a debate which held in Pretoria a few years ago.

Molapo further claimed that more women came out to tell their experience with the same accused.

However, Mazzone gave evidence why she thinks Msimanga is innocent.

“I can show you numerous Facebook posts wherein one Facebook post, in fact, she has a photo of Msimanga on her timeline where she calls him her ‘Monday man crash’ and eye candy for the day in 2016 and many other posts of the same kind,” Mazzone said.

She also said Molapo’s withdrew her internal complaint a few days later.

“She laid the complaint not with me on a Saturday. I have to get the complaint, look at it, [and] do an initial investigation into the complaint.”

“If that complaint is withdrawn on a Wednesday, I don’t even have time to reach out to her yet because I’ve also got Msimanga who has reached out to me, and given me a full detailed outline of his complaint,” she said.

A Crimen injuria claim against Molapo was opened by Msimanga who denied all the claims.

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