Court sentences child rapist in Delft



A child rapist from Delft have been sentenced to 15 years’ in prison by the Bellville Regional Court.

Court convicted him of the rape of an eight-year-old girl.

The disheartening act was carried out two years ago in Delft.

According to the narrations, in May 2018, the little girl was home alone after her grandmother went to a neighbour’s home to bake bread.

When the woman went back to her home, she saw a key in the door that apparently opened it.

She initially thought one of her children had returned home.

Then she knocked at the door several times before she saw the neighbour’s son opening the door and leaving hurriedly.

The 8-year-old later opened up to her grandmother that she had been attacked.

The young man denied sexually abusing the girl after he was confronted.

He was eventually arrested.

During his court trial, the court rejected his own side of the story.

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