Liesl Laurie explains how she was sexually harassed



Miss SA Liesl Laurie took to her social media to reveal what she faced in the hands of men recently.

The star stated that she was harassed and verbally abused by unknown men and at this point, she feels this is one of the reasons women will continue to live in fear.

Wearing a shirt with the words “I hope I don’t get killed for being a woman in SA today”.

According to her, she said:

“After being harassed in a parking lot for the third time this week. And today a man told me to f**k off for not wanting to entertain his advances towards me! I am tired!” she said.

Laurie gave an example of the experience she had and how her fear prevented her and other women in SA from freely living their lives.

“A man recently asked me: ‘Why don’t you ever take a run in the nature reserve right next to your house?’ I replied: ‘Because I don’t want to be raped and killed.’ That response came about without me even thinking because that’s the reality we, as women, live in South Africa.”

Read her full thread below:

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